The 7th International Conference on Mining Science and Technology


April 26-29, 2015     Xuzhou, China

Conference Secretariat

Secretary General

Professor GE Shirong, President of China University of Mining and Technology


Deputy Secretary General


Professor ZHOU Guoqing, Assistant President of China University of Mining and Technology
Mr. ZHANG Zhenkang, Head of Secretariat of International Higher Education Alliance for Mining, Energy and Environment


Session Secretary General


Session 1 — Green Mining and Ecological Mines (Containing Energy Strategies): Professor XU Jialin

Session 2 — Mining Safety and Occupational Health: Professor ZHOU Fubao

Session 3 — Geo-Mechanics and Geo-Environmental Engineering: Professor GAO Feng

Session 4 — Clean Coal Technology and Low-Carbon Utilization: Professor CAO Yijun

Session 5 — Intelligent Mining Equipment and Technology: Professor LI Wei

Session 6 — Exploitation of Mineral Resources and New Energy (Containing Mineral Economics): Professor WEI Chongtao