The 7th International Conference on Mining Science and Technology


April 26-29, 2015     Xuzhou, China

Getting To Xuzhou

At Beijing or Shanghai airport

Most of foreign delegates will arrive in Beijing Capital International Airport or Pudong International Airport (Shangshai) first.

  1. Make sure that you have exchanged enough Chinese RMB for your following trip in China.
  2. Choose vehicles to Xuzhou. To get to Xuzhou, there are two options, i.e. high-speed railway or plane. We kindly recommend the former.

High-speed railway to Xuzhou

Either from Beijing or Shanghai, high-speed railway is a preferable choice, comparing with airplane and usual railway, for you to get to Xuzhou. As shown in the following tables, there are over 40 high-speed trains in a day to Xuzhou from Beijing and Shanghai respectively. By high-speed railway, you can arrive in Xuzhou in about 3 hours.

Train Start Arrive StartTime ArrivialTime Duration
G456Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East06:2509:172h 52min
D282Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East06:3010:053h 35min
G222Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East07:0509:422h 37min
G104Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East07:1009:482h 38min
G106Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East07:2010:152h 55min
D286Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East07:2511:103h 45min
G108Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East07:3010:353h 05min
G12Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East08:0010:302h 30min
G110Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East08:0510:422h 37min
G1232Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East08:1011:042h 54min
G112Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East08:1811:172h 59min
G114Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East08:2511:273h 02min
G212Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East09:0511:412h 36min
G230Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East09:1011:592h 49min
G1258Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East09:1512:042h 49min
G116Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East09:3412:282h 54min
G1204Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East09:3912:453h 06min
G118Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East10:0512:532h 48min
G1214Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East10:2213:172h 55min
G42Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East10:2813:052h 37min
G1236Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East10:3313:272h 54min
G122Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East10:4613:312h 45min
G126Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East11:1013:472h 37min
G1252Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East11:2014:142h 54min
G130Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East11:3314:192h 46min
G1228Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East11:4314:422h 59min
G7292ShanghaiXuzhou East11:5515:233h 28min
G132Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East12:1815:042h 46min
G412Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East12:2315:092h 46min
G298Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East12:3515:332h 58min
G7296ShanghaiXuzhou East12:4015:463h 06min
G134Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East13:0215:552h 53min
G226Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East14:0516:502h 45min
G142Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East14:2117:052h 44min
G214Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East14:5417:442h 50min
G146Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East15:0517:532h 48min
G148Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East15:3018:162h 46min
D292Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East16:1019:403h 30min
G152Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East16:2018:492h 29min
G234Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East16:3119:002h 29min
G216Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East16:3819:222h 44min
G22Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East17:0019:302h 30min
G44Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East17:2420:092h 45min
G7294ShanghaiXuzhou East17:4421:093h 25min
D5432Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East18:3822:123h 34min
G7590Shanghai HongqiaoXuzhou East19:0422:193h 15min
G7298ShanghaiXuzhou East19:5022:543h 04min
Train Start Arrive StartTime ArrivialTime Duration
G101Beijing SouthXuzhou East07:0009:5602:56
G103Beijing SouthXuzhou East07:0510:0302:58
G57Beijing SouthXuzhou East07:2510:2302:58
G105Beijing SouthXuzhou East07:3610:2702:51
G263Beijing SouthXuzhou East07:4810:4803:00
G107Beijing SouthXuzhou East08:0611:0102:55
G55Beijing SouthXuzhou East08:1111:1903:08
G165Beijing SouthXuzhou East08:4511:5403:09
G113Beijing SouthXuzhou East09:0511:4902:44
G115Beijing SouthXuzhou East09:3312:3102:58
G117Beijing SouthXuzhou East09:4412:5703:13
G119Beijing SouthXuzhou East10:0513:0302:58
G265Beijing SouthXuzhou East10:1013:0802:58
G121Beijing SouthXuzhou East10:2813:4103:13
G33Beijing SouthXuzhou East11:1514:1402:59
G411Beijing SouthXuzhou East11:2014:2503:05
G127Beijing SouthXuzhou East11:3514:3503:00
G129Beijing SouthXuzhou East12:1315:0102:48
G131Beijing SouthXuzhou East12:2715:2602:59
G133Beijing SouthXuzhou East12:4915:3902:50
G167Beijing SouthXuzhou East12:5415:5102:57
G135Beijing SouthXuzhou East13:0615:5702:51
G137Beijing SouthXuzhou East13:4016:4103:01
G59Beijing SouthXuzhou East13:4516:4803:03
G43Beijing SouthXuzhou East14:0516:5402:49
G139Beijing SouthXuzhou East14:1616:5902:43
G141Beijing SouthXuzhou East14:3417:3102:57
G267Beijing SouthXuzhou East14:3917:4803:09
G35Beijing SouthXuzhou East15:0518:0903:04
G143Beijing SouthXuzhou East15:1018:2003:10
G145Beijing SouthXuzhou East15:3018:2902:59
G45Beijing SouthXuzhou East15:4618:5003:04
G19Beijing SouthXuzhou East16:0018:4402:44
G37Beijing SouthXuzhou East16:1519:0602:51
G149Beijing SouthXuzhou East16:2519:3003:05
G151Beijing SouthXuzhou East16:3019:4003:10
G39Beijing SouthXuzhou East16:4719:5303:06
G21Beijing SouthXuzhou East17:0019:5802:58
G153Beijing SouthXuzhou East17:1020:0802:58
G155Beijing SouthXuzhou East17:2220:2002:58
G269Beijing SouthXuzhou East17:3920:3202:53
G157Beijing SouthXuzhou East17:4520:4302:58
G201Beijing SouthXuzhou East17:5521:0203:07
G203Beijing SouthXuzhou East19:0021:5102:51
G207Beijing SouthXuzhou East19:1122:1803:07
G205Beijing SouthXuzhou East20:0022:3702:37
Train Start Arrive StartTime ArrivialTime Duration
G280Guangzhou SouthXuzhou East06:4715:1908:32
G276Guangzhou SouthXuzhou East08:1316:3408:21

Please note that, though train tickets can be booked in advance for 20 days, the offical online access to buy tickets at is served only in Chinese and paid by RMB. So the best way for you to book high-speed railway tickets is to get help from a Chinese travel agency or from your friends. If you really need the ICMST 2015 secretariat to book train tickets for you, please inform us your arriving and departure schedule and your passport information, and prepare to pay us your tickets.

Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing South High-speed Railway Station are shown in the following Fig. 1:

Fig. 1 From Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing South High-speed Railway Station

Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station are shown in the following Fig.2:

Fig. 2 From Pudong International Airport to Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station

Domestic plane to Xuzhou

Guanyin airport, located about 50 km to southeast of Xuzhou downtown(Fig. 3), is relatively small. There are only several flights to Xuzhou in a day.

From Guanyin Airport to the New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou, you would have to take a taxi. The taxi rate from Guanyin Airport to New Century Grand Hotel is approximately 25 to 30 dollars each.

Fig. 3 From Guanyin airport to New Century Grand Hotel

From the Xuzhou East Railway Station to the Hotel

From the Xuzhou East Railway Station to the Hotel, you can take a taxi. The Taxi rate is approximately 10 dollars each.

Fig. 4 From Xuzhou East Railway Station to New Century Grand Hotel


It is not advisable for delegates from overseas to rent a car in China.


Taxi in Xuzhou is an convenient and economic way for your trip. Generally speaking, the flat rate for the first three kilometers (about two miles) is 7 RMB and the distance surcharge is 1.4 RMB for every extra kilometer between three and six kilometers. If the distance is more than six kilometers, 2.1 RMB will be charged for every additional kilometer. Please note that the taxi have to be paid in Chinese cash.

Please ask for a hotel card in both Chinese and English from the lobby booth of the hotel when you go out and take a taxi.